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(insert sad emotion here)

Mr. Hollis and I were walking back from Lunch Truck Row, falafel omelettes in hand, when we decided to take a stop in Creese to sit down and eat. Who do we run into, but none other than Mr. Carr and Mr. Solitro. We could tell from the amount of grief in the air that no good news was to come. Sure enough, we were informed that LNS would be canceled tonight. After a few mutual tears were shed, we moved on to enjoy our sandwiches. They were alright, but definitely could have used a sauce of some sort. Food network material? I don’t know about that pal.

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On Display

So I was checking out our features for next week’s 5 Year celebration, and I was very surprised to see that one of them was in fact a ska-punk band. On Display is a 7-piece jawn from Philly and they just put out a new EP that is pretty rad, if I do say so myself. They got one track from it on their MySpace page, but I’m sure you crazy kids can pirate it somewhere on the interweb. Check it out!

Check This Out – Morning Teleportation

As I said last week Im going to give you guys a past each week introducing you to new artists that you may have never heard of. This week Im introducing you guys to Morning Teleportation. Theyre from Portland Oregon and make psychedelic jam band music. Heres the link to their myspace: If you like what you hear than you’ll be glad to know that their album will be dropping March 8th.

Eric Reitz

Eric Reitz will be our feature this week. He was a frequent performer last year if any of you remember him. Hes got a nice singer songwriter folk rock sound. He sites some of his influences as Dave Matthews Band and Bob Dylan. So check out the video below and also go to his myspace page to hear more.

Late Series Showcase is TONIGHT!

Mad Dragon records Kuf Knotz will be performing tonight with W. C. Lindsay and D&M. If you forgot from reading our last post about this show its in the lobby of Nesbitt and starts at 5 pm and will run for about 90 mins. And if you havent gone to listen to Kuf yet go and do it right now!

This Here Blog Jawn

Hey Late Night, check out what we saw at a house show last night…

Getting some love in South Philly! Speaking of house shows, we went to catch these guys called One Win Choice and a couple other killer bands. Here’s their bandcamp page, give em a listen, maybe you’ll like it. “Where My Allegiance Lies” and “Who Threw Out the Itinerary?” are some rad tracks.

Late Series Showcase featuring Kuf Knotz

Mark your calendars: In addition to our show on Thursday featuring Stefan Alexander, Late Night Series will be sponsoring a free show this Saturday in the lobby of Nesbitt Hall at 5 PM! Mad Dragon recording artist Kuf Knotz will be headlining, supported by LNS artists D& M and W.C. Lindsay.  It’s going be a night to remember so make sure to come on out and support LNS!

Event Page:

Hear tracks from Kuf’s latest release, Boombox Logic: and check out D&M: and W.C. Lindsay:

Check This Out!

So for those of you who know me, my favorite band at the moment (and has been for the past few years) is Cage The Elephant. Their new album came out last Tuesday (Thank You, Happy Birthday) and I just wanted to share their new song with you and hopefully get you guys listening to them. They are a really great band, especially if you like that 90′s alternative sound. I’m going to try and post a new band every week to share with you guys, cause I really love exposing people to new artists that they might have never heard of or taken the time to listen to.

Cage the Elephant – Shake Me Down